Transformative Futures: A syllabus for re-building, reclaiming space and taking action

A series of free onsite and online artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25. This programme offers an opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to art-making and thinking that will support young people facing challenges in a post-covid environment. This platform provides a safe space to question, develop and engage with new ways of working to mobilise creative futures.

The uncertain terrain of the pandemic has affected lives and livelihoods globally, especially young people’s mental health, confidence, education and employment. This expansive programme of artist talks, events and workshops, aims to provide a resource to access different creative methodologies and tools to enable independent learning and thinking. Empowering those to take direction, build a network, open up an avenue to apply their voice, to be seen, heard and valued.

This programme can be attended as a one-off event or a series as a whole. Is featured online and onsite at CAC. There is an opportunity towards the end of the programme to use what you have learnt towards a collaborative creative project using CAC as a platform to showcase your new skills and ideas.

More information and registration to attend events opens shortly.

Participating artists include: Fevered Sleep, Adam Farah, Cassie Thornton, Jamila Prowse, Jareh Das, Ana Quiroga, Abbas Zahedi, Adam Moore.


  • 9 sessions, one each month on a Wednesday evening, 6.30 – 7.30pm from Oct – June.


Every Saturday, 2 – 4pm from 9 October.