2 day course: Make your own Pottery Pet - Camden Art Centre

Make your own Pottery Pet is a 2 day course led by Alice Johnson.

Alice has been creating bespoke customized sculptures of people’s pets for 5years, uniquely capturing pet’s personalities in clay.

The course will guide students through creating their (or another’s) pet or animal in ceramics.  Students will be guided through how to capture the essence and character of their pet or animal using techniques such as pinch pot, coil pot and hand sculpting.

Day 1 will involve building the animal from clay learning how to sculpt from photos and use different techniques to create surface texture. Day 2 will then guide students through decorating their bisque fired piece using underglazes.

Students will need to bring photos of their pet or the animal they would like to sculpt with them, including face and body shots with side profiles. It is recommended to bring photos of your pet/animal in the position you would like to create, sitting or lying positions are recommended.

This course will cover:

  • Hand building techniques
  • Decorating using underglazes
  • Development of a ceramic sculpture of a pet/animal

This course is suitable for those with little to no experience of ceramics. All materials costs are included. Size restrictions apply.

The Artist Additional information

The Artist

Alice Johnson is a British ceramicist based in London. Her aim is to evoke a sense of joy, humour and nostalgia is central to her work. She does this through a playful use of colour, shape and form; aiming to tell a story or simply put a smile on people’s faces through her work. Alice Johnson has also run Pottery Pets for 5 years; making bespoke customised sculptures of people’s pets, to uniquely capture pet’s personalities in clay.

Additional information

Adults’ courses are 18+ unless otherwise stated.

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Evidence of concessionary status must be shown on the first day of the course.

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