Atelier van Lieshout - Camden Art Centre

Atelier van Lieshout took over the spaces of Camden Arts Centre with their architectural structures and mechanisms for living that suggest alternative ways of thinking, working and playing.

This work, not previously seen in Britain included: Mini Capsule Hotel Side Entrance – a versatile pod-hotel suitable for indoor and outdoor use; a compost toilet; sewerage systems for purifying black and grey water, plus a fitness centre. These works had evolved as part of a long-standing investigation of temporary structures and portable, self-sustaining systems for living that test social and moral codes of state-determined social control.



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The Artists

Atelier van Lieshout is fronted by Joep van Lieshout and consists of a group of artists and specialists who work collectively. They are based in Rotterdam where they have established AVL-Ville, a free state situated over two sites in the harbour area where art is not something simply to look at but ‘to live with, to live in and to live by’. They have realised projects and exhibitions all over Europe, North America, Australia and South America.