beck's newcontemporaries 97 - Camden Art Centre

In a striking change from previous years, beck’s newcontemporaries 97 had not been chosen with the intention of presenting the future stars of the art market.

The selectors of the 1997 exhibition, cultural theorist Sarat Maharaj, international curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist Gillian Wearing, decided to focus on the notion of the art school as a site for production, process, and risk-taking. The work included in this show, from eighteen students and recent graduates reflects this notion of newcontemporaries as both an institutionally based exhibition and a platform for testing ideas and processes outside the academy setting.

beck’s newcontemporaries 97 travelled to CCa, Glasgow 12 December 1997 – 31 January 1998.

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The Artists

Javier Flores Blanquet, Jemima Brown, Sarah dobai, Keith Farquhar, Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, Ana Genoves, Chris Gibbons, Pedro Gomes, Dryden Goodwin, Brian Cyril Griffiths, Len Horsey, Katherine McKee, Seamus Nicolson, O, Steve Ouditt, Frankie Sinclaire and Stephen Stephen.