Café Curio: Broadcasting - Camden Art Centre

Café Curio: Broadcasting

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Inspired by the exhibitions, Broadcasting features a series of short presentations on the possibilities for broadcasting and other creative solutions for the dissemination
of ideas. Produced in collaboration with

Marialaura Ghidini
Founder and curator of, co-curator at Grand Union (Birmingham), and PhD researcher at CRUMB, University of Sunderland

Keep up with its pace. It is not a mere technological innovation.

Marshall McLuhan's statement “nothing follows from following, except change” (The Medium is the Message, 1967) is echoed in much of new media theory that looks at the ways in which technology has modelled new forms of artistic and curatorial distribution. In 2006 Jon Ippolito stated that “the only way for art to keep up with the energetic pace of technology in the Internet Age is to adopt many of its functions”.

How has web communication technology modelled curatorial work and contexts?
Through a brief overview of a series of curatorial and artistic projects, this presentation will introduce how 'networked'
communication systems have generated new patterns in reception and led to the development of new means of artistic communication, changing the spatio/temporal condition of artistic distribution.

Mattia Paganelli
Associated Researcher at Institute for the Converging Arts and Sciences, University of Greenwich.

“A discussion of the idea “we broadcast because we can” – which I interpret as being at the base of experiments as Auto Italia's Live – seems to require that first we individuate how to speak of live online broadcasting, since inevitably its potential will lay with the specific dimensions of its technology. I would like to explore how the notions of live, broad, and casting potentially might have to be rethought in this environment.”

Kate Cooper
Artist/Co-Director, Auto Italia South East

Leslie Kulesh
Artist (participated in Auto Italia Live: Episode 3, C2C P2P)

Kate Cooper and Leslie Kulesh will present Auto Italia LIVE; an artists-run TV series produced each week before a live studio audience and broadcast over the Internet. The artists will reflect on how the project engaged directly with the format of live Television and how they both respectively use contemporary broadcast media platforms to distribute their work.