Café Curio Live Art: School of Change - Camden Art Centre

Café Curio Live Art: School of Change

Saturday 17 December 2011
3.00 – 4.30pm

Artist Jennet Thomas and composer/performer Simon Bookish present a live show exploring a hybrid, cross-over space between art, film, music, speculative fiction and performance, including a recruitment presentation, songs, film clips, lessons, a quiz and prizes.

School of Change is a new franchise of girls' schools, existing in a post-apocalyptic future, so radical it threatens the working of reason itself. School of Change attempts to shore up against this breakdown, to educate a new generation to adapt, building an alternative ‘hive mind’ that has a new, stronger kind of logic.

Each student’s learning is bio-technically monitored and assessed through the Personal Circle lodged inside them. High-scoring pupils perform their learning through a rhythmic song and action practise: ‘the Production’. This trance-like group activity produces small solids – Units of Knowing – the currency through which the new economy tries to function.