Café Curio: Quite Spectacular - Camden Art Centre

Café Curio: Quite Spectacular

Sunday 19 June 2011
12.30 – 5.30pm

Quite Spectacular is series of live, heart stopping, surgical demonstrations by the Imperial College medical school and designers Studiohead, staged to co-incide with Christine Borland's explorations into the use of the human body in medical science.

Imagine you are having a heart attack. Your life is passed from hand to hand as you are rushed into hospital by ambulance. You find yourself lying on a bed, while a surgeon inserts a wire into your leg. You are scared, but you witness a miracle, you watch someone saving your life.

The afternoon sees Camden Arts Centre playing host to the ‘inflatable operating theatre’ simulating the angiogram procedure. Visitors will be able to watch the entire process and even take part to experience what it is like to put your life in someone else's hands or even insert a virtual stent into yourself.

Performances at 1.00pm | 2.00pm | 3.00pm