Dispatches: Collage and Exchange - Camden Art Centre

Dispatches: Collage and Exchange

Among the many influences on his work cited by Rene Daniëls, music plays a prominent role, in particular an abiding interest in Punk. Collaborating with Marleen Gijsen he made a number of silent films about Punk bands which are shown here. The rejection of authority and social realignment central to the Punk movement also have resonances within art history; in particular the practice of collage, which has been used by many artists for both protest and propaganda. This event invites visitors to come and make their own collages using material sent from artists around the world in places ranging from Palestine to Brazil. Each day culminates with a new performance work by Ruth Ewan.

Ruth Ewan is developing and making a new art work using music, collage and performance. She invites visitors to join her and help make a large collage using images, shapes and sheet music that will be performed live at the end of the session by Orchestra Elastique, a London-based music improvisation collective.

Visitors are encouraged to bring along their instruments for the piece.