DIY Regeneration at the Somers Town Festival - Camden Art Centre

DIY Regeneration at the Somers Town Festival

Saturday 11 July 2009

DIY Regeneration uses The Folk Float – a restored and vamped up
bright blue milk float which will roam the local streets that surrounds
Kings Cross over the summer on the lookout for active residents, workers
and Kings Cross commuters that make a difference to the area, asking
them to help create giant posters on how to make a difference, sharing
their tips and ideas on how to be active in the community and what it is
they do to make a change.

For the festival, DIY Regeneration is actively involved in a
performance in the morning on Chalton Road with a ‘Musical Flying Squad’
and will then be roaming the streets inviting people to share their tips
and make some posters! All posters are displayed on the float or can be viewed online at

Hop on board to have a chat with public works and share your tips of DIY
regeneration and have a chance to create your own poster!

DIY Regeneration is a project by public works, part of Junction: a series
of artist's projects for King's Cross, commissioned by Camden Arts Centre
and supported by Bloomberg and the Wellcome Trust.