Gallery Discussion: Where the Latent Image Lives - Camden Art Centre

Gallery Discussion: Where the Latent Image Lives

Monday 12 September 2011

7.00 – 8.30pm

Catherine Yass, Simon Periton and Anne Hardy forms a panel to discuss themes and issues arising from Where the Latent Image Lives. The exhibition is conceived and co-ordinated by Camden Arts Centre Front of House Volunteers and is on at Kingsgate Gallery until 25 September. 

Where the Latent Image Lives looks at the way we perceive our environment and how this translates to experience and comprehension. The works negotiate the boundaries of perception through memory and sense, and attempt to isolate the moment where visual intensity changes looking to experiencing.

There is a brief introduction of the panel and the works before the discussion, which takes its starting point from one of the issues below:


Where does a work end or begin? 

  • What is a latent image and when do we know something is an image?
The role of a technical (photographic) mediation

  • Mechanisms of breaking down light, colour and perspective

The discussion takes place in the vicinity of the exhibition at Kingsgate Gallery.

110 – 116 Kingsgate Road

London NW6 2JG