Gardener's Bar: Beau Beaumont - Camden Art Centre

Join us for a live performance of Beau Beaumont's per.mutation()

per.mutation() challenges the human perception of sound. Transcendental in nature, this piece explores auditory art forms and sonic experimentation informed by synthesis and the senses of touch, coding techniques and the interpolation of movement in our ecosystem.

Listen to the cross-pollination of travel between Liverpool, London, and Japan. Microscopic surface vibration and the iteration of permutable frequencies coincide with mutated sounds of the natural world.

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The Artist

Beau Beaumont is a Liverpool-based composer and performer. Her works traverse ideas surrounding physical place, a means of connection mediated through sound and synthesis, computation, and coding to carve out thought provoking and left of centre performances. Beau’s installation-based works adopt an interdisciplinary approach combining sound, image, and sculpture; informed by her interest in narrative and the exploration of sound in unconventional locations. Her varied history includes commissions and performances for The Royal Opera House, Nike, Tate Gallery, Resident Advisor and Red Bull Music. Support from Metal Culture and FACT Liverpool has enabled the artist to produce new experimental works exploring social change, translated into sonic collages. Most recently, Beau spent two months in Japan as Artist in Residence at Paradise Air. Developing sound works and recording with local artists, whilst exploring different methods of recording and composition for live performance, Installation-based works, and radio broadcasting. Beau is a resident on NTS Radio, often focusing on psychoacoustics and differing recording techniques to create experiences that imply and challenge the notion of music as an art form.

Gardener's Bar: Events Programme

The Gardener’s Bar Events Programme comes from Tamara Henderson’s exhibition, Green in the Grooves.

This interdisciplinary programme of Garden Bar events is housed in a distinct artwork crafted from a garden shed.

Suitable for all ages, the programme intertwines art, film, poetry, and sound, exploring the bar’s role as a metaphor for composting. Here, contributors and audiences become the microorganisms fueling transformation and exchange.