Gardener's Bar: Stephen Watts and other Poets - Camden Art Centre

In response to themes in and the spirit of Tamara Henderson's exhibition Green In The Grooves, Watts will present some of the later poetry of the renowned screen writer, artist, poet & novelist Tonino Guerra (1920-2012).

Guerra, while perhaps being best known internationally for his extensive film work in Rome with directors such as Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni, was born and spent much of his early life & old age in the Sant Arcangelo region of Emilio Romagna. His late poetry intimately engages with the local detail of landscape & ecologies and the social contexts of abandonment in ways that find echoes in Andrey Tarkovsky’s late film Nostalgia (1983) that Guerra, a very close long-term friend of Tarkovsky, actively co-created.

With special thanks to Rory Cook and Protype Publishing.

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The Artists

Stephen Watts is a poet, performer & translator whose most recent books include Republic Of Dogs/Republic Of Birds (Prototype 2020, 2nd ed.) from which Huw Wahl made an 80 minute 16ml b/w film The Republics in 2019 and Journeys Across Breath: Poems

1975-2005 (Prototype 2022). Recent translations include books by the Syrian poet Golan Haji & the Iraqi poet Adnan al-Sayegh & with Cristina Viti he co-translated a wide selection of Tonino Guerra’s late poetry, including the book ‘Abandoned Churches’. His Book of Drawn Poems is forthcoming in 2024.

Gardener's Bar: Events Programme

The Gardener’s Bar Events Programme comes from Tamara Henderson’s exhibition, Green in the Grooves.

This interdisciplinary programme of Garden Bar events is housed in a distinct artwork crafted from a garden shed.

Suitable for all ages, the programme intertwines art, film, poetry, and sound, exploring the bar’s role as a metaphor for composting. Here, contributors and audiences become the microorganisms fueling transformation and exchange.