Ideas for Experiments - Camden Art Centre

Ideas for Experiments

Led by artists Judith Brocklehurst and Viyki Turnbull, Ideas for Experiments examines the physical world by testing the properties and possibilities of materials. Local primary schools are paired with an artist and throughout a full academic year the groups combine principles familiar to maths and science with approaches used in contemporary art practice. Regular sessions take place in both school classrooms and at Camden Arts Centre, ensuring that pupils feel comfortable and that the content remains relevant to the curriculum. Sculptural techniques illustrate concepts such as gravity, weight, measurement and balance, enabling the surrounding environment to be understood in a tangible and tactile way.

Working in close dialogue with teachers the project enables not only meaningful engagement with curriculum concerns but also individual progression. We provide an inclusive setting for pupils with language and learning needs, through hands-on learning and working as a team. With our exhibition programme as a catalyst for generating discussion around materials and processes, the project is able to widen vocabulary and literacy skills.

This year the project will be exploring the theme of Opposites, using the artists’ interests in everyday materials as the starting point to challenge participants' understanding of what opposites are. We are working in partnership with Carlton, Edith Neville, Holy Trinity, Fitzjohn's and Gospel Oak primary schools all based in the Borough of Camden.

Ideas for Experiments has been running since 2010 and is funded by John Lyon’s Charity, The Rayne Foundation and The Equitable Charitable Trust.