Junction: Alex Schady and Hedas Kedar - Camden Art Centre

Junction: Alex Schady and Hedas Kedar

As part of Junction, our series of artists’ projects for King’s Cross, Alex Schady and Hadas Kedar were commissioned to work with students at South Camden Community School.

Working with groups of students Schady and Kedar collaborated with each group to plan, produce and shoot a film based on a text supplied by the artists. The final films were shown at South Camden Community School and at Camden Arts Centre in the summer of 2011.

Alex Schady is an artist and filmmaker with a broad interdisciplinary practice. His work uses materials immediately to hand, incorporating modern-life ephemera that is manipulated and re-interpreted across a variety of media. Combining craft techniques and digital processes his most recent work uses the language of science fiction to explore the psyche of contemporary culture.

Alongside his own practice he works collaboratively with Hadas Kedar, an Israeli artist. Based 2,000 miles apart they produce work by establishing rules and instructions, only coming together on-site to construct the final installations.