Junction: public works - Camden Art Centre

Junction: public works

Throughout the summer of 2009, art and architecture collective public works examined and documented the living experiences in the process of regeneration as a part of Junction, a series of artists’ projects for King’s Cross commissioned by Camden Arts Centre. public works consist of architects Torange Khonsari and Andreas Land and artists Kathrin Böhm and Polly Brannan, who have been collaborating in different constellations since 1998.

The project collects and disseminates the daily experiences of people living and working in the area, in the context of the vast architectural and social changes brought about by the actual and proposed regeneration of this historic site. Following an extended period on site, public works return to Camden Arts Centre with an installation of materials generated over the project in the Artists’ Studio.


Commissioned by Camden Arts Centre and supported by Bloomberg. Additional support from the Wellcome Trust and Creative Egremont.