Kathrin Böhm & Stefan Saffer - Camden Art Centre

Kathrin Böhm & Stefan Saffer

Kathrin Böhm and Stefan Saffer worked in Gallery III and other areas of the building, continuously transforming the spaces into areas of colour and visual activity. Böhm and Saffer’s on-site project will involve creating a meeting space for linking art with other disciplines through a series of small scale projects. They invited visitors, together with a variety of designers, artists and architects, to contribute to their work in progress at weekly ‘picnics’ throughout their residency. The ‘picnics’ took place every Sunday and the results can be seen during the week. Böhm and Saffer graduated from the academy of Fine Arts in Nuremburg and both completed their MA at Goldsmiths in 1998.

Residency supported by London Arts Board