Public Knowledge: Kinn, Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki, Flora Yin Wong, Ana Quiroga  - Camden Art Centre

The darkness of matter is soundless—an event of re-shaping sound presented across four acts.

Moving beyond what is considered experimental sound and conventional noise, the artists are linked by a shared interested in expiatory practices and an engagement with the profoundly visceral. 

The Artists

The Artists

Kinn, whose “niche take on the macabre” has become a go-to “choice of dread-sonics” according to the staff at Cafe OTO, finds their origins in the class struggles of early 00s Tottenham. Influences pulled from the post-rock soundtrack of this era are unmistakable among Kinn’s contemporary electronic aesthetics, deft musicianship, and state-of-the-art sound design. Unabashed in their creative ambition, Kinn’s tongue-in-cheek ‘dread-voyeurism’ is underpinned by a palpably sincere vulnerability that seeps through their dynamic and rewardingly dense records. Live, Kinn has performed at acclaimed venues such as the Southbank Centre, Cafe OTO, Fold and Berlin’s HKW with an ever-evolving roster of onstage collaborators (including; Maxwell Sterling; Thrill Jockey’s Alexander Tucker; Bjork & Mica Levi collaborator, Jenny Ames; Louis Giannamore and more). Kinn’s studio albums and unpredictable live offerings have recieved acclaim not only among musical heavy hitters (Squid, Skinny Pelembe, Max Cooper and Thou to name a few), but also in the art world, plaudits which have prompted several collaborations with Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey, as well as a prestigious multimedia commission from Pace Gallery and a performance of Tai Shani’s work at Frieze London.  

Ekaterina Bazhenova-Yamasaki is an interdisciplinary artist, works and lives between London and Los Angeles. The interdisciplinary artist’s live performance presents obscure drone-like time stretching. What the source is, who knows? But the result is dark and intense, as beautiful and as it is mysterious. She received a Masters from Chelsea College of Arts and has performed live at the likes of Cafe OTO & Iklectik. 

London-born Chinese-Malaysian multidisciplinary producer and writer Flora Yin-Wong works with field recordings, dissonance, and influences from contemporary club culture. On her releases she boldly experiments with software and processing, densely layering original samples – traditional instruments like yangqin, gamelan reongs and tsurigane bells – with granular synthesis and electronic production. Her work touches on existential themes of death, transmission, and rebirth. She was featured on the pivotal PAN compilation mono no aware, and in 2021 released the album and book Liturgy on PAN and Primary Information, a companion of sorts to her album Holy Palm.  

Ana Quiroga is a London-based music composer, producer, and sound designer. Her work spans various media, including arts, film, audiovisual, immersive and interactive projects. Ana has recently joined Houndstooth (Fabric Records) and released her first solo album ‘Azabache’. ‘Azabache’ is shaped by Ana’s deep connection to her homeland Asturias and her experience since moving to London, the project is both intimate and enchanting. From the rich Celtic heritage of Asturias – the mines, minerals, and mystical feminine energy – to the urban occultism of the city, ‘Azabache’ embodies the connection between deep and highly symbolic ancestral roots and these contemporary new beginnings. Ana has extensive discography, releasing music on prestigious labels such as Editions Mego, Other People, and Modern Obscure Music. She is also known for being one half of the duo LCC, who released two albums and an EP on eMego, Subtempo, Comfortzone, and Irregular, among others. Additionally, Ana has released music under the alias NWRMNTC on Arboretum and QTZL. With a prolific career performing live, she has played and showcased her work at renowned venues and festivals around the world, including Barbican London, Berlin Atonal, Cafe OTO, Sónar Barcelona, Lisboa and Hong Kong, MUTEK Montreal, Argentina and Mexico, Superblue London, Somerset House Studios, MIRA Festival, LEV, Espacio Fundación Telefónica Lima, CCD Mexico, and Corsica Studios.