Live Art Performance: William Hunt - Saturday Night TV - Camden Art Centre

Live Art Performance: William Hunt – Saturday Night TV

Saturday 30 May 2009
7.30 – 8.30pm

The German Gymnasium
Pancras Road
London NW1 2TB

For the finale of William Hunt's artist's residency “I don't believe you, you're a liar” he presents a major new installation and performance work in King's Cross. A battle of the bands, X Factor hybrid, the work features live music and tough talking judges.

Acts perform linked up to a lie detector and are critiqued not only on their singing talent but on their genuineness. The final is judged by a ‘celebrity panel’ along with the audience who are asked to shout “play loud, play real loud” or “I don’t believe you, you’re a liar”. Join some members of the audience by dressing as Bob Dylan.

During his residency at Camden Arts Centre in April and May, Hunt transforms the Artists' Studio into a recording studio, and invites singer songwriters to perform hooked up to a lie detector (polygraph machine). He explores the ability to separate mind from body, asking is it truly heartfelt or are they just pushing our buttons?

“I don’t believe you, you’re a liar” was Bob Dylan’s response to a heckler in 1966 during a performance at the Free Trade Hall when he had made the transition to electric. Acoustic and especially folk music had traditionally been associated with protest and the authentic.