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Magic Lantern

From January to March 2009 artist Alex Schady and residents of the Lithos Road Estate produced a new animated film. Schady has a dynamic approach to mixed-media, he re-imagines past traditions in new ways and creates acts of social cohesion.

Schady produced our annual winter festival In with the New in partnership with Animate Projects, showing original and creative animation films from Animate’s archives along with workshops demonstrating magic. Animate Projects explore the relationship between contemporary art and animation for broadcast, gallery, cinema and online exhibitions.

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Screening: Magic Lantern - Alex Schady

Wednesday 18 March, 6.45 – 8.30pm

Premiere of artist Alex Schady’s new short film EVERYTHING MUST GO made in collaboration with young people from the local Lithos Road Estate, fusing live footage with animation.

Schady’s dynamic approach to mixed media engages with people and traditions in new ways.

Schady’s work and residency at Lithos Road was in collaboration with Animate TV.

Magic Lantern: Films from the Animate Archive

Wednesday 25 November, 7.00 – 8.30pm
Jani Ruscica presented a selection of films chosen from the Animate Projects’ online archive –