Metro - Camden Art Centre


Ron Haselden uses simple, artisan materials. For his new installation he has built a vibrantly coloured linear grid that seems to hover above the grassy slope of the Camden Arts Centre garden.

Metro was the latest in a series of temporary sculptures installed in fields and orchards around the place in Brittany, where Haselden now lives. Its new urban setting is surrounded by trees, terraced houses and the sounds of London traffic.

The work seeks to link the everyday experience of Parisian commuters with the daily lives of fishermen working off the coast of Brittany. The sculpture is as monumental as it is delicate incorporating coloured twine used by fishermen mending their nets.

Haselden often encourages members of the public to participate in his projects. In Breathing In, Breathing Out (1998), Erno Goldfinger’s 31-storey Trellick Tower functioned as a 100m high vertical stage for a light performance in which all the inhabitants of its 217 homes participated.