Performance: David Raymond Conroy - Camden Art Centre

Performance: David Raymond Conroy

Wednesday 10 December
7.00 – 8.00pm

Performance-Writer-in-Residence, David Raymond Conroy, presents a performative talk which examines the complex of reciprocal attachments and polarizing conflicts that confront individuals as they navigate through race, gender, and class in social and political life. Conroy asks the question 'how is it possible to make something if you have a sneaking feeling that you'll always be in the wrong?'

David Raymond Conroy makes work about subjectivity, fidelity and desire. As Performance Writer-in-Residence, Conroy will develop his experiments with compositions: aggregating, editing, looping and overlapping texts, sounds and videos. Using Glenn Ligon’s show as a reference, Conroy looks to examine the politics of appropriation, particularly in relation to material generated from a position that is not one’s own.

Latecomers will not be admitted; please arrive early.