Practice 360°: Practice and Pedagogy - Camden Art Centre

Practice 360°: Practice and Pedagogy

Wednesday 10 September
6.30 – 8.00pm

Practice 360° is a series of talks for artists, considering the edges around what defines contemporary art practice. How can lifestyle, family and money have presence within the working lives of artists? Many artists support their practices through some form of teaching, be this in a workshop or academic context. How can this approach to livelihood inform practice and visa-versa?

In this  session members of collective FLΔG talk about their perspective on the subject.

FLΔG is a group formed at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2010, comprising of artists, students, former students, staff and researchers. FLΔG explores the relationship between art practices, art education, and pedagogy, looking at forms of knowledge production and dissemination in the art school and beyond. FLΔG continues where the ‘educational turn’ in the art world left off, bringing re-examined art/ pedagogy dynamics back into the discursive arena and physical space of the art school, but also by engaging with galleries and related art spaces.”

In partnership with Artquest. Artquest provides practical support to visual artists throughout their careers.


Listen to a recording of this talk here