Radio Writing: Jay Tan - Camden Art Centre

Radio Writing: Jay Tan

Oh Be A Fine Guy, Kiss Me
Sunday 15 December

3.00 – 4.00pm Live Broadcast from Camden Arts Centre 1500 BST


Rotterdam-based artist Jay Tan takes up residence in the Artists’ Studio to develop a new durational  performance work, about early female scientists and different manifestations of energy in the natural world. Drawing on themes of Light and Heat, sometimes as a metaphor for knowledge and enlightenment while at other times to speaking about our understandings and our experiences of beauty.There will be a focus upon poetics and romantic images of the stars; how these ideas are used, and can be seen as allegories for human relations, attractions and passions.

This is part of a new collaboration with TENT, Rotterdam, continuing the Radio Writing residency began by Camden Arts Centre and UCLH Arts earlier this year with artist Sarah Tripp. The residency supports artists to create works for radio and live performance.

The performance will be broadcast through and played live at TENT.