Radio Writing: Jeremy Evans - Camden Art Centre

Radio Writing: Jeremy Evans

The Hyperlogical Mythology of Things Tells Tales of our Ancestors
Friday 13 December
5.00 – 6.00pm (Live stream broadcast from TENT Rotterdam, 1700 BST)


''As we further the scientific explanation of our existence the less we require mythology. This work is an exploration of that attitude. A collage of ‘fact and fiction’, quotes, web logic, ‘truth and lies’, the work is an exploration of how the structured argument appears to offer a truth, of how fact and fiction are easily intertwined online where there exists an equality of importance. We always have our stories, but how are they told in a world of cut 'n' paste?'' Jeremy Evans

Jeremy Evans works in drawing, performance, video and text, examining structures of understanding that we use consciously or otherwise to traffic with the world around us. As “the eye makes the horizon” so it is that frameworks such as beliefs, language, borders, and identities create and maintain the way that we traffic with the world, mediating our relationships with things. Some of these frameworks are made by the self, some created by society, history and culture. Increasingly the internet is the mediating factor, it both structures our behaviour and makes explicit some of our more subconscious structures. It is these frameworks that Evans examines in the belief that even if we cannot understand the structures themselves, the process of examination will reveal something of how we create and apply them.

Broadcast live at and screened in Camden Arts Centre’s Artists’ Studio. Part of Radio Calling at TENT Rotterdam