Reading Group - Camden Art Centre

Reading Group

Wednesday 14 May
7.00 – 8.30pm

Promiscuity, love, identity and the virus as format

Camilla Wills, editor of I'm Your Fan, leads three monthly book club sessions, discussing texts which respond to themes prevalent in Moyra Davey's work.

More important to me than fidelity and adherence to a medium is a kind of devotion to promiscuity (to lift that concept once again from the lexicon of Gregg Bordowitz), an embrace of materials, formats, histories and genres, and lastly but perhaps most importantly, an investment in language. I am a believer in heterogeneity as an enabler and enhancer of the story wanting to be told.
Moyra Davey, ‘Caryatids and Promiscuity’

Moyra Davey I’m Your Fan – Douglas Crimp transcript and ‘Caryatids and Promiscuity’
Douglas Crimp ‘How to have promiscuity in an epidemic’ October vol 43
Gregg Bordowitz Imagevirus excerpt
Brian Kuan Wood ‘Is it Love?’ eflux issue 53

The reading group takes place on Wednesdays 23 April, 14 May & 18 June and has been programmed alongside Moyra Davey's exhibition life without sheets of paper to be scribbled on is masterpiece. Participants are encouraged to read the texts ahead of the session, and attend as many of the three sessions that they can. Please contact Nisha Matthew on for more information on the texts.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication of Moyra Davey's writing, I'm Your Fan, co-published by Camden Arts Centre and Camilla Wills.


Café open until 10.00pm with The Playlist by Caroline Achaintre