Rose Finn-Kelcey - Camden Art Centre

A new phase in the development of Rose Finn-Kelcey’s work was revealed in this show comprising sculptural works and an installation specifically made for Gallery III.

Rose Finn-Kelcey has been a seminal figure in performance and time-based work since the 1970s, and an important influence on many younger artists. Known for her painstaking attention to detail and preparation, she maintains a consistently critical provocative attitude.

During the month of October, Rose Finn-Kelcey prepared the installation in Gallery III and invited visitors to discuss the installation with her during an open day on Saturday 11 October.

Her approach was characterised by a willingness to involve herself continually in different media with references to landscape, archetypes and urbanising the rural. What could not be underplayed in this artist’s work was its ability to be playful as well as provoke, to be deeply sophisticated as art despite its apparent simplicity as an object. Rose Finn-Kelcey laid possibilities before her audience. There is always a space for others, and one which offers the chance to imagine.

Rose Finn-Kelcey has lived and worked in London since 1968.


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