Spiral Festival: Art/Festival/Activities - Camden Art Centre

Spiral Festival: Art/Festival/Activities

Saturday 29 August – Sunday 30 August 2009

12.00 – 5.30pm

This year’s Spiral is inspired by the work of Camden Arts Centre’s current exhibiting artists, Johanna Billing and Alexandre da Cunha. It takes as its starting point the strange codes of conduct and rituals that we often take for granted in everyday life. During the weekend, visitors of all ages are invited to take part in specially commissioned projects by artists Fay Nicolson, Annie Davey and collective They Are Here, designed to unmask the habits and behaviour we see around us each day.

Contribute to the visitor experience of Spiral by taking part in a guide-making production line with artist Fay Nicolson, incorporating both temporary and permanent features present during the weekend. 

With Annie Davey, use your mobile phone to capture discrete visual observations, which in turn form a performative public announcement service made at regular intervals. 

Take part in the production of a series of collaborative short films with artist collective They Are Here. Sign up to become a member of the crew, and enjoy the process of live filming and instant editing. 

Sign up to try your hand on the ceramics wheel with Kate Tilley in our unique ceramics studio. 

Visitors are invited to come and create their own art works, enjoy the Café and garden and sample all the gallery has to offer during this annual summer festival. 

Admission is free, and all events are drop-in.