Test Bed - Camden Art Centre

Test Bed

This autumn Camden Arts Centre launches the first Test Bed exhibition, organised by Camden Arts Centre’s Volunteer Front of House Volunteers in partnership with Kingsgate Workshops Trust.

Where the Latent Image Lives is an exhibition conceived and co-ordinated by three Camden Arts Centre Volunteers- artists Jo Guile, Francesca Centioni and Ash Tailor, and features their work as well as work by Luuk Schroder and Rosie Chamberlin.

The exhibition focuses primarily on the perception and understanding of the built environment. All five artists explore this through photography, a medium they believe to break down light, sound and colour in different ways. The works negotiate the boundaries of perception through memory and sense, and attempt to isolate the moment where visual intensity changes looking to experiencing.

This interplay between environment and experience in the form of fleeting images, encounters, found thoughts and the flux of everyday life will be further explored throughout Kingsgate Gallery and the surrounding area.

Artists involved in the show, assisted by Camden Arts Centre’s Education team will run a series of practical workshops for pupils of Kingsgate Primary School, introducing students to the origins and science of photography and different ways of creating visual records.