The Artists' Museum - Camden Art Centre

The Artists’ Museum

The Artists’ Museum imagines London as the most exquisite museum collection in the world: unique, diverse and extraordinarily fascinating.

The project asks artists living and working in the Borough of Camden to select five objects, places, views or sounds which hold a particular interest for them as their highlights of the museum's collection. These might be found in a park, museum, pub or street. Descriptions of the artists' choices, along with details of where they are to be found, have been recorded as a podcasts along with a map showing their locations available below. Audiences can visit the selected objects and places at their location and or listen at home.

Listen to artist's tours of the museum here:

Siobhan Davies

Laura Ford

Antony Gormley

Simon Periton

Richard Wentworth

A map showing the locations of items and places in the Artists' Museum Collection can be found here: MAP

The Artists’ Museum is produced by Camden Arts Centre and recorded at Cast Iron Radio. Part of the New Wave Festival. Supported by London Borough of Camden Council.

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