Toll - Camden Art Centre


This interactive work, commissioned from Aaron McPeake for the garden at Camden Arts Centre is a reflection and meditation on the decline of and threat to a number of species of flora and fauna, which were abundant when the artist was a child. 

The work is based on a leaf taken from the Ash tree at the centre of the garden at Camden Arts Centre, and hangs within the same tree. Ash trees in Europe have recently become threatened by Ash die back disease (Chalara Fraxinea), which might result in the obliteration of up to 80 million trees in the UK.

To create this sculpture McPeake has used an open mould casting method, where the molten metal is poured into a hollow in loam and the face exposed to the air oxidizes as the metal cools, producing a finish similar to the shriveling of die back disease symptoms. Visitors throughout the spring and summer months are invited to 'ring' the work, specially calibrated in collaboration with the Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

During an event for Camden Arts Centre's Patrons in October 2013, Aaron McPeake did a live pouring of molten metal in the garden.