You are Here - Camden Art Centre

You are Here

Camden Arts Centre's Front of House volunteers have organised an exhibition, You are Here, taking place at various sites around Kilburn.

Transforming Kilburn High Road into a site-specific exhibition and Kingsgate Gallery into a pop-up Tourist Information Office, ‘Tour Agents’ will lead walks for the public to discover temporary artworks among the area’s array of cafés, shops and outdoor spaces.

Volunteers include: Sara Angelucci, Magalie Brissaud-Baudry, Neftali Carreira, Eleanor Davies, Penelope Diaz, Alkisti Ef, Marta Faustino, Alice Foxen, Ambra Gattiglia, Sophie Gudgion, Louise Marlborough, Sam Mckeown, Joe Rogers and Mare Spanoudaki.

The project is supported by Camden Arts Centre and Kingsgate Workshops Trust and aims to develop and nurture young artists, curators, art educators and administrators of the future.

More information about the exhibition and related events is available at the website below: