Youth Collective Online

Youth Collective Online is a space for young people aged 15 – 25 to meet regularly and encounter the arts in an open and welcoming environment, to critically engage, feel empowered and stay connected.

Register to join our community of Youth Collective artists and have access to a programme of free, online, artist-led workshops and resources, a dedicated online social space for discussion and to learn new skills and engage in matters surrounding contemporary art. #YCartists.



Who can join?
People aged 15-25. If you are not within this age range you will not be permitted to join the online sessions.
Anyone with an interest in art and creative ways of looking at the world. You do not have to be an artist, have any qualifications, or prior knowledge to join.
The programme will take place exclusively online. We welcome members from across the UK, as well as those local to us.
Youth Collective Online is open to new members, as well as those who have attended previously.


How do I join?
Register your details here
Once you have registered you will receive an email with further details on how to join the upcoming sessions. You can attend as many sessions as you like.
Read our participation guidelines here.
Read our guidance on using the online platforms here.


What happens in the sessions?
Each online workshop is developed and led by artists who will create safe and inspiring spaces for discussion and creativity, alongside a member of the CAC Learning Team.
Following the session, the artist will share a resource that explores the topics, issues, and practices raised in the workshop via Discord. These are created to extend conversations and enable engagement outside of the Zoom sessions and are available to all Youth Collective artists in our community whether you were able to attend the artist workshop or not.


What is Discord?
Discord is the social platform we use for extending discussion outside of the session and talking all things creative. This is a place for the Youth Collective Online community to connect and access recordings of previous sessions, artist resources and upcoming opportunities. We also have informal social hang outs, with collective listening and making parties via our Discord voice channel on selected Saturdays throughout the year.


Upcoming Sessions

More information soon



Past Sessions

Recordings of past Youth Collective Online sessions, including artist resources and activities, can be accessed by Youth Collective Online members on Discord. To join, register here.

Adam Moore: Performance – What’s the gesture?
Saturday 19 June, 2.30-3.45pm
Artist Adam Moore leads a workshop exploring contemporary transdisciplinary performance practice, and processes for creating across disciplines. He will share examples of previous work and work in-process, before offering suggestions of how to begin making transdisciplinary gestures.


Lucy Joyce: The Sketchbook & Studio in 2020
Saturday 17 October 2020
Artist Lucy Joyce shared her approach to sketchbook development, considering its use as a visual diary to record and collate ideas, and as a tool for research, experimentation, writing, collecting and exploring.


Shepherd Manyika: Sampling, Sound and Video
Saturday 7 November 2020
Shepherd Manyika led a session on working with sampling, sound and video, and shared his approach to working in these mediums, along with the work of other artists.


Beverley Bennett: Reflections
Saturday 21 November 2020
Artist Beverley Bennett led a session using drawing and meditation to reflect on the past year, considering themes and moments in our lives before the pandemic began, through to present day.


Jessica Ashman: Animation – Frame-By-Frame Memories
Saturday 05 December 2020
Jessica Ashman focused on exploring themes of memory, identity and imagined futures using simple, experimental animation techniques, demonstrating how to create short animations.


Edward Ball: Ways of Curating – Questions and Connections
Saturday 30 January 2021
Edward Ball led a session on curating, and its varied forms and approaches. He spoke from a personal perspective about working both independently and institutionally, and introduced a brief exercise for making creative connections.


Edward Ball: Ways of Writing – Flash Fiction
Saturday 13 February 2021
Edward Ball led a session on creative writing with a focus on short-form, observational styles and approaches. He shared short texts, as well as a simple reflective exercise for generating a piece of your own writing.


Emily Mulenga: Digital Collage – Past, Present and Future
Saturday 27 February 2021
Artist Emily Mulenga led a session on working with image editing software and creating digital collages, exploring how we can create a snapshot of a moment, feeling or person.


Lucy Joyce: Sculpture and Scale
Saturday 13 March 2021

Artist Lucy Joyce’s session focused on sculpture and scale exploring the use of small-scale maquettes and drawing in planning larger scale works.


Phoebe Collings-James: Ceramics
Saturday 27 March 2021
Artist Phoebe Collings-James invited us into her studio for a virtual tour, sharing her artworks, ceramic practice and the equipment she uses to make her work. During the session Phoebe demonstrated preparing clay, throwing a pot and a bowl on the pottery wheel, and the technique of sgraffito for decoration.


Emily Mulenga: Avatars on Film
Saturday 10 April 2021
Artist Emily Mulenga led a session looking at the use of digital avatars in day-to-day life and in the world of art. She then showed how she uses avatar chat software to create her moving image works.


Lucy Joyce: Ask an Artist – Creative Opportunities
Saturday 24 April 2021
In this session Lucy Joyce shared the different creative opportunities that artists undertake as part of their career and where to find them. She spoke about commissioning, residencies, funding and exhibitions, further unpacking what it means to be an artist working today.


Beverley Bennett: Drawing – Configuration
Saturday 8 May 2021
Artist Beverley Bennett led a collective drawing session that explored configuration as an approach. The session included a meditation exercise, drawing the breath and mapping movement, and automatic drawing as a practice.


Shaun C. Badham: Unusual Rules for Making
Saturday 22 May 2021
In this session artist Shaun C. Badham invited Youth Collective Online artists to create their own Unusual Rules for Making, a set of key points which act as a personal guideline for making. He shared his own methodology and rules of working and how these interconnect to the long term, durational projects he works on.


Deborah Findlater: Experimental Filmmaking
Saturday 5 June, 2.30-3.45pm
Registration closes at midday on 4 June
This session will explore subversive approaches to filmmaking and constructing narrative. Artist Deborah Findlater will share methods of abstraction, telling stories from multiple angles and layering to create works that are radical in form and theme.

Our Youth Programme is generously supported by The Black Heart Foundation, City Bridge Trust, Freelands Foundation and The London Community Response Fund. Our Learning Programme is generously supported by The Atkin Foundation, The Cecil and Hilda Lewis Trust, Clore Duffield Foundation, John Lyons Charity and The John S Cohen Foundation.