Our Anti-Racism Pledge


On 1st June 2020 we made a public statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We recognise that statements are not enough and our responsibility as an organisation must be to take action, to enable and accelerate real and long-term change.

Camden Art Centre is committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation and to actively dismantling systemic racism. We will start by interrogating white privilege within our organisation and thinking critically about how we operate, both internally and as part of the communities we serve.  We also recognise the intersectionality of many of these issues, and will be reviewing the language and terminology that we use.

Camden Art Centre currently has one Black Trustee, and there are no Black people on our permanent staff. We recognise that Black people who are part of our organisation are employed on a freelance basis and as part of our exhibitions, learning, residencies and public programmes. This is not good enough and we are committed to increasing the representation of Black people across every aspect of our organisation.

We are making this initial pledge today setting out our first steps to actively combat racism at Camden Art Centre. We will consult our staff, trustees, volunteers, artists and external stakeholders to review our current plans and policies, identify where we need to improve and act, and begin to plan our next steps.

In October we will share our progress. We want to ensure this work is done with reflection, consultation and consideration, with our full staff team, and with time, space and finances set aside to support genuine learning and meaningful change.

We pledge to:

  • Develop and implement a robust anti-racism action plan to embed policy and actions, agreed in consultation with all staff and trustees.
  • Create a new Anti-Racism Working Group. This group will meet quarterly and include staff, trustees, artists, and external stakeholders.
  • Educate ourselves as an institution on anti-racism, with continued learning across our staff team and trustee board. This will be an expectation and built into personnel processes. We will hold any person not supporting this agenda to account.
  • Increase and amplify the voices of Black artists and freelancers working across our learning, residencies, exhibitions and public programmes.
  • Further interrogate our recruitment processes to understand why Black people are under-represented in our workforce, and what we must do to address this.
  • Provide mandatory anti-racism training for all staff. This training will be a requirement for new staff going forward.
  • Consider any of our assets, such as space, equipment, expertise, that could be made available to Black-led groups or individuals in need of support or resource.

This will be a process of listening, learning, and of holding our staff, funders and peers to account. This pledge is the beginning, and we have a long way to go. We affirm our core commitment to becoming an anti-racist organisation and to prioritising and accelerating change.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@camdenartcentre.org



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