On 1st June 2020 we made a public statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We recognise that statements are not enough and our responsibility as an organisation must be to take action, to enable and accelerate real

  Face2Face “Hello Humans — By way of introduction, this is an essay about mimicry, fraud, lies, the future, reality, confusion, entities, mirrors, reflections, deepfakes, trust and information. It’s about a strange new landscape of synthetic-human lyre birds. Welcome” Face2Face is an audio essay

A new online programme of artist commissions, podcasts, films, texts, images and audio, investigating the significance of the plant kingdom to human life, consciousness and spirituality across cultures and through time.

Our Family Artist in Residency Renata Minold has created some fun and easy activities for you and the family to take part in at home. Exploring themes of our online exhibitionThe Botanical Mind, these activities will encourage you to explore

  F(r)ictions is a screening space for experimental film and video work, making room for imperfections, unfinished work, left-field pieces, and diy work. The screening series is a space for feminist film, putting an emphasis on work by queer and trans