A new online programme of artist commissions, podcasts, films, texts, images and audio, investigating the significance of the plant kingdom to human life, consciousness and spirituality across cultures and through time.

Carrier Bag Music is a new series of sonic fictions inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction. Reimagining the mixtape as container, medicine bundle and chronometer telling the time on another world, artists and producers explore

Our Family Artist in Residency Renata Minold has created some fun and easy activities for you and the family to take part in at home. Exploring themes of our online exhibitionThe Botanical Mind, these activities will encourage you to explore

As art institutions and organisations navigate online during the Covid-19 pandemic, artists continue to make work. The next generation to come, carrying out their studies at Art Schools across the world, are also making new work during this situation-specific time.