Transformative Futures - Camden Art Centre

A free weekly collective for young people to discuss, explore and create art together.

Transformative Futures is a series of free artist-led workshops for people aged 15-25 that offers an opportunity to learn new skills and approaches to art-making.

Led by a cohort of contemporary artists the programme will offer participants the opportunity to try processes and techniques being explored by artists today including drawing, performance, sculpture.

To coincide with the return of New Contemporaries to Camden Art Centre this year’s workshops will be led by a number of artists featured in the exhibition who will share an insight into their creative processes and practice.

The artists will guide the group through different ideas, themes and provocations exploring a range of processes and techniques. Each session is designed to allow participants to develop new skills, learn about the art world and collaborate with artists and their peers.

The programme is designed for those with an interest in Art, no other knowledge, practical skills or training is required to participate with sessions designed to be inclusive and accessible. We are particularly interested in reaching young people not currently in university education and in the boroughs of Camden, Brent, Barnet and Harrow.

This year the programme of workshops will run on Saturday afternoons from November until Summer 2024 when the participants will design and produce a weekend takeover of Camden Art Centre sharing ideas, concepts and work produced through the year.

Term One - November Term One - December Images The Artists

Term One - November

Saturday 4 November: Welcome session
Led by the CAC Learning Team this session will outline the Transformative Futures programme and invite participants to collaborate on a shared vision for the year ahead. 

Saturday 11 November : Soft Cut Outs (Part 1) with Daniel Rey
A session to create soft sculptures in colourful old fabric, with structures made of plastic pipes. Through cutting, gluing and assembling silhouettes, the session aims to create artwork that is collaborative, generating a sense of community.

Saturday 18 November: Ghost Hunting with Joe Moss
Exploring ghosts as a phenomena Joe will look at how fictions haunt us in our every day lives. Participants will investigate this idea and hunt for ghosts at Camden Art Centre documenting them through video.

Saturday 25 November: Soft Cut Outs (Part 2) with Daniel Rey
Daniel leads a two part session creative a collaborative artwork aiming to generate a sense of community through working together. Through cutting, gluing and assembling participants will build a collective structure made of fabric, plastic pipes.







Term One - December

Saturday 2 December: Making in the Hybrid (Part 1) with Elena Onwochei-Garcia
Elena leads a session looking at Hybridity in our exhibitions through the process of blind drawing. Participants will disrupt and re-configure what they have seen through collage, evolve a personal vocabulary of images and explore composition.

Saturday 9 December: Ghost Busting with Joe Moss
Drawing on themes explored in the Ghost Hunting session the group will take on the role of a ghost busting company. Participants will respond to a collection of machines, using them to exorcise old ghosts and establishing new myths in their place.

Saturday 16 December: Making in the Hybrid (Part 2) with Elena Onwochei-Garcia
Elena leads a session looking at Hybridity in our exhibitions through drawing and collage. Using references from art history including Paula Rego and Max Beckman participants will build their own hybrid compositions made from a range of material sources.

Please note – some workshops are in two parts but each session will function independently, regardless of previous attendance. New attendees are welcome for all sessions.

The Artists

Daniel Rey (b. 1990) is a Venezuelan artist whose work seeks to deconstruct fixed ideas of masculinity by questioning our understanding of cultural norms in patriarchal societies. Rey employs his practice to explore notions of identity, architecture, and the crucial relationship between space and bodies.

His practice is wide ranging, comprising installation, performance, painting and drawing. With a background in architecture, he uses the processes and elements of construction to desmantle fixed categories of identities in order to gain visibility to the marginalised communities he belongs to.

Daniel Rey is part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2023, the exhibition will run at Camden Art Centre 19 January – 31 March 2024.

Joe Moss is a contemporary artist working across media. Moss’ output ranges from solo presentations to radio production to collaborative exhibition-making. Selected for the New Contemporaries award 2023, Moss’ recent projects include Supersublime at Giant Gallery, UK; Model Village at NN Contemporary and Eastcheap Projects, UK; and The London Bronze Foundry Fellowship. The collaborative project An Heart, made with Digital Anthropologist Jane Davies, is held in the Museum of Data. Joe Moss attended the Conditions Studio Programme between 2019 and 2022 and is currently enrolled on the Slade MFA programme.

Joe Moss is is part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2023, the exhibition will run at Camden Art Centre 19 January – 31 March 2024.

Elena Njoabuzia Onwochei-Garcia (Spanish-British), figurative painter and installation artist, recently completed her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art. Onwochei-Garcia was selected as a Bloomberg New Contemporary (2023) and was awarded the RSA John Kinross Scholarship and the Leverhulme Master of Fine Art Bursary. Her recent exhibitions include UK New Artist (Saatchi Gallery, 2023), Addendum (No.20 Arts Gallery, London) , Short Lapses (Saltspace, 2023), Royal British Society of Artists Rising Stars of 2022 (ROSL, 2022), Painting our Past: The African Diaspora in England (Corbridge Museum and The Africa Centre in London, 2021).

Elena Onwochei-Garcia is part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2023, the exhibition will run at Camden Art Centre 19 January – 31 March 2024.