A Gap In The Fence - Camden Art Centre

A series of workshops led by Artist Eva Jonas and pupils from Maria Fidelis School navigating journeys seen and unseen.

Exploring participants’ inner and outer worlds through creative collaboration, Eva led reflections on individual and collaborative routes, asking the group to work with, move through, and ask of each other:

When is a route, a route?

How do we interpret routes?

How do we record routes?

What do we see and how are we seen on these routes?

Workshops unraveled these questions through table-sized tape ‘route making’, photographing re-staged window ‘world cut-outs’, the creation of a collaborative ‘classroom route pack’, and ‘short-cut image mobiles’.

The route packs were then activated through a series of self-portraits, the group choosing four or 5 cards to make a new route, and photographing fragments of themselves walking, jumping, or gesturing through the route. The images then become markers of movement, left, right, forward, and backward. Annotated with oil pastel and placed together to follow one coloured thread of connection.

The programme of workshops ran through the Spring and Summer terms of 2024 and will conclude with the co-creation of a display that showcases work made through the workshops and accompanying texts by the participants.

The Artist

The Artist

Eva Jonas is a London-based visual artist and educator. Her practice invites viewers to reflect on our relationship with the natural world, recording where the body mediates how we experience, preserve, and perform within landscapes. Her projects lean on the processes of collecting and publishing. They are often informed by sculptural pieces and research ephemera, such as visual guides for creative crafts and outdoor activities. She draws on these instructional images to consider the extent to which engagement with the natural world is taught versus innate. Eva is currently co-facilitating Peer Matters, an artist development programme supported by Photoworks. Recent exhibitions include The Natural, Rural and Remote and accompanying workshop, Garden Recordings at Serchia Gallery, Bristol in July 2023, and a group show with (re)structure as part of Brighton Photo Fringe in October 2022. Eva’s first book Let’s Sketch the Lay of the Land was published in October 2020 by September Books.