Architecture 1 - Camden Art Centre

The American artist Dan Graham is widely recognised as one of the most influential artists and thinkers of the past 25 years.

From his early, language-based conceptual projects to his video works, performances, writings and architectural pavilions, social engagement and interaction with the audience was always at the core of Graham’s work. This exhibition on two sites provided a rare opportunity to assess his work in depth.

Architecture 1 at Camden Art Centre comprised three pavilions: New Design for Showing Videos 1995, incorporating a selection of Graham’s video works, Triangle with Circular Inserts – Variation B 1991 and a newly commissioned ‘garden’ pavilion. A ‘Reading Room’ featured a comprehensive selection of Graham’s writings on contemporary art, music and popular culture.  Architecture 2 at the Architectural Association, focused on Graham’s architectural models and drawings, together with a newly commissioned ‘pergola’ conservatory.


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