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Art Theory: What is a Queer Practice?

Inspired by our exhibition programme, artist, writer and educator Linda Stupart leads a theory course considering how we might recognise and enact queer practice in contemporary art today. Over the course of three weeks, participants will explore ideas around queer theory, history and materiality and unravel notions of gender performativity.

This course is inherently trans-inclusive and will reference artists Adrian Rifkin, Sadie Benning and Evan Ifekoya amongst others that fall under the LGBT umbrella. In keeping with propositions towards a queer/outsider/non-linear practice, each gathering will combine a traditional lecture approach with workshops, discussions, and making sessions. 

Session 1
This session introduces key questions around queer theory histories, lives and art practices: What is queer? Who says? Why? What does it mean?
Focusing primarily on artists who use collage, found imagery and DIY techniques participants will make their own zines.

Session 2
What does it mean to say that gender is performative? This session makes space for unravelling gender performativity and considering what performance art as a medium offers up to queer artists. The session will include experiments with voice, action and revealing/concealing bodies as queer possibilities.

Session 3
The final session will focus on queer materiality, in terms of the actual artistic material and objects that constitute a queer kind of artmaking, in addition to the material working practices of the artist. Considering artists’ sculptural practices, participants will have an opportunity to make their own sculptural responses to the exhibitions on show. 

In addition to our concessionary rate, we are offering four free bursary places on this course as part of Camden Arts Centre’s commitment to access, equality and diversity. We particularly welcome applications from trans and non-binary individuals.

To apply for a bursary place, please send no more than 200 words via email to [email protected] briefly outlining your interest in the programme and how it would benefit you.

Deadline: 10.00am, 30 April 2018

Linda Stupart is an artist, writer, and educator from Cape Town, South Africa, completing their PhD in 2016 in the Art Department at Goldsmiths College with a project engaged in new considerations of objectification and abjection. Their current work engages with queer theory, science fiction, environmental crises, magic, language, desire, and revenge. They had a solo show at Arcadia Missa in March 2016, A Dead Writer Exists in Words and Language is a Type of Virus and recently launched their debut novella, Virus, also at Arcadia Missa. Their work has been the focus of two solo exhibitions in Cape Town and has also recently been shown/performed at Matt’s Gallery, Tate, The Showroom, a.m. gallery, the ICA, Gasworks, and Guest Projects in London. In 2017 they curated DEEP ANGER TRUE LOVE TENDER CARE at The Horse Hospital. Stupart has taught at the University of Cape Town, Goldsmiths, Camberwell Arts College, London College of Communication, and University of Reading. They have worked as workshop artist in education teams at South London Gallery, Battersea Arts Centre and Tate Galleries. Stupart is currently working with Tate Schools and Teachers on an in-school resource using art to talk about gender.

Eligible Concessions
Concessionary fees are available to attendees who are in receipt of housing and council tax benefits, income support, jobseeker’s allowance or a state pension, full-time students with NUS cards or those who are registered as disabled.

Terms and Conditions
– Booking on a course at Camden Arts Centre signifies your agreement to our terms and conditions as stated in our Learning Agreement. These are available to read on our website and at the Bookshop.
– As part of the enrolment procedure, all participants must complete a registration form.
– Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable, unless the course is cancelled by the Centre.
– Evidence of concessionary status must be shown on the first day of the course.
– 5-week courses run twice. Please only book a single place on one of the two courses to ensure as many people as possible are able to participate.
– All materials are provided.