Circle of Care, from 'It Matters What Happens Next' - Camden Art Centre

It Matters What Happens Next was a programme of newly commissioned artworks and events that considered the origins of care and the transition between states of ‘caring’ to being ‘cared for’; hosted in the Camden Art Centre garden on 13 & 14 of May.

On Friday 13 May, artists Youngsook Choi and Eva Freeman presented the Circle of Care. A project centred around knowledge exchange, the sharing of memories and finding intergenerational connections to highlight the importance of everyday care in our contemporary world.

The Circle of Care stemmed from a series of workshops led by Choi and Freeman with residents Linda, Mary, Mildred, Diana, Christine, Pat, Marcelle, Martin, Clive, Nora, Rose, Brian, Alan, Anne, Jean, Eve, and Elizabeth, alongside the generous contributions of care workers Lawrence, Joshua, Michaela, Lucy, Anna, Anne Mary, Delji, and the vital support of the incomparable and caring arts facilitator Odile Kidd of the Spring Grove Care Home neighbouring Camden Art Centre; exploring themes of vulnerability, strength, resilience and institutional care through a series of creative workshops.

The resulting conversations, physical objects and images formed part of a live, multimedia performance and temporary installation presented in Camden Art Centre’s garden, which adjoins the care home.

The Artists The Organisers

Download and play the ‘Care-Cross-Words’ for yourself.

The Artists

Youngsook Choi is a London-based artist and researcher. She often develops narratives of non-fictional fantasy – a mixture of research evidence, folk tales, mythologies and performative instructions for audience engagement. Since 2019, Youngsook Choi has developed a series of performances and participatory installations that explore the idea of political spirituality, experimenting with intimate aesthetics of solidarity actions and collective healing.


Eva Freeman is a London-based artist and designer who loves working with people, colour and materials. Her practice explores ways to support and nourish meaningful, sustainable relationships through material interactions. Collaboration, community and creativity are at the core of all Eva’s work, which currently includes El Warcha London, Play Build Play CIC and her collaborative projects with Youngsook Choi.

The Organisers

It Matters What Happens Next was curated by students from the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme, Pierce Eldridge, Holly Pines, Yuwei Ren, Yangjie Zhang, Ruidi Sun, Chuhan Luo, and Mohan Shao as part of the Graduate Projects 2022, Royal College of Art in partnership with Camden Art Centre, and the Spring Grove Care Home.