Difference and Repetition - Camden Art Centre

Difference and Repetition brought together artists from the Action Space Studio Project with Michelle Kurth and Georgie Manly and Evan Ifekoya, to explore the possible impact of new experiences upon practice

Using visits to Camden Art Centre as a starting point for new ideas, artists Abu Hasnat, Kathleen Sweet, Patrick Moses, Philippa Marshall and Thomas Owen from Action Space were invited to respond to the spatial, visual and architectural experience as well as Observation Point by Zoe Leonard. Source material and interactions were taken back to the Action Space studio and used as a catalyst for new directions in practice.

The project culminated in an exhibition in Camden Art Centre’s Artists’ Studio from 24 – 29 July 2012.

Action Space is London’s leading visual arts organisation for people with learning disabilities. They run a wide range of arts activities, catering for people with all types and levels of learning disability, from mild to profound. Action Space artists have access to professional art studios, materials and equipment and are supported in developing their own unique creative practices, some aiming to become practicing artists and some for the pure joy of it.

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Difference and Repetition: Drinks Reception

Wednesday 25 July, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Camden Art Centre hosted an evening drinks reception for the Difference and Repetition exhibition.

Introduction from Sheryll Catto, Co-Director at Action Space and Greygory Vass, Education Programmer at Camden Arts Centre.

The Difference and Repetition exhibition presented new and site specific works by Abu Hasnat, Kathleen Sweet, Patrick Moses, Philippa Marshall and Thomas Owen, developed over the previous four months across two locations and exhibited in the Artists’ Studio.