Dream Machines - Camden Art Centre

Dreams, hallucinations, spirituality and psychological extremes are a source of inspiration for many artists.

Dream Machines, selected by artist Susan Hiller, was an international exhibition of work by artists from the 1920s to the present day, which focused on altered states of consciousness and the transformative power of art. For the exhibition she drew together painting, drawing, photography, video, film, sound-based work and installations that explore and induce states of transcendence and reverie.


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The Artists

Marina Abramovic, Francis Alys, Jonathan Borofsky, Louise Bourgeois, Adam Chodzko, Lygia Clark, David Connearn, Minerva Cuevas, Leif Eleggren. Barbara Ess, Joel Fisher, Henry Flynt, Alberto Giacometti, Jane Gifford, Gilbert & George, Alison Gill, Douglas Gordon, Dan Graham, Rodney Graham, Brion Gysin, Mark Harris, Susan Hiller, Carsten Holler, Shirazeh Houshiary, Job Koelewijn, Jim Lambie, Glenn Ligon, Liliane Lijn, Andre Masson, Gustave Metzger, Henri Michaux, Matt Mullican, David Robilliard, Eva Rothschild, Kurt Schwitters, John Shankie, Ian Sommerville, James Turrell, Keith Tyson and Jane & Louise Wilson.