Dreamscape - Camden Art Centre

A year long collaboration with school pupils reimagining and building new spaces for play with Amy Leung

Artist Amy Leung is working on a series of workshops with every pupil at Anson Primary School encouraging them to use memories of their favourite places and experience of play to co-design a new space at the school.

Working sequentially with each year the pupils have developed a visual language of shapes, colours and motifs that has added to and repurposed through the year. Sessions have explored the connections between memory and place, colours and emotion and have allowed the pupils time and agency to reconstruct spaces at their scale for their chosen purpose.

The project will culminate with a celebration of the ideas, energy and creative spirit of the pupils with a display of work at Camden Art Centre in July and the installation of new artworks in the playground at the school.

This programme is kindly supported by The Kusuma Trust.

The Artist

The Artist

Amy Leung is a London-based artist working across sculpture, drawing and workshops to explore the articulation and communication of joy. As an arts educator, she is interested in the intersections in which community, craft, objects and cultural identity meet. Material exploration and playing collaboratively are key to her practice, with ideas emerging through making together. Senses and bodies mingle with materials; delighting in the responsive nature of stuff and spaces. Amy has previously worked with schools, families and communities on projects at Camden Art Centre, Firstsite, the Royal Academy, South London Gallery and MK Gallery. She has an MA in Art and Design in Education from the IOE, UCL.