Electronic Music Club with Rian Treanor - Camden Art Centre

Electronic Music Club with Rian Treanor

Through Spring and Summer 2022, Rian Treanor has been collaborating with residents from St Mungo’s and their Digital Recovery College to make electronic music using accessible tools, as part of Electronic Music Club. The club worked together to create a collaborative mix tape of their music, which you can now listen to on Soundcloud.

Through a series of regular sessions, Electronic Music Club experimented with the building blocks of sound and how to put them together to make songs. During the sessions the group explored how to DJ, remix, write lyrics, record and use digital software, tools and instruments. Working towards using equipment to record in a studio and produce a collaborative demo. The demo references inspirations from electronic dance music that connected to the musician’s lives from Jungle, Drum & Bass, Techno and Garage.

Electronic Music Club created a space to make music while also exploring how it connects to lived experiences, memory, emotion and communication, unpacking how sound can be a mechanism to explore our thoughts and feelings.

The Club culminated in a listening event and a collection of the collaborative music being shared online.

Music made and produced by: Alexander, Chin aka the Chef, Christian, Chukky Raff, Jellyselector, Julie, LJ, Matt, M.Moon, Rian, TripleXelz and Valentina.

With thanks to Matt Catlow for supporting the studio recording.

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Electronic Music Club with Rian Treanor


Rotherham sound artist Rian Treanor is recognised as one of the UK’s most exciting and innovative producers, earning awards in DJ magazine, MixMag and Spotify, with guest spots on Radio 1. His music is complex yet highly kinetic, reflecting equal interest in club culture and experimental sound design. Using the programming language Max/MSP he creates his own software to explore interesting rhythmic structures and unusual synthesised sounds within various collaborations, workshops, live performances and installations. He has released records on UK record labels Planet Mu, The Death of Rave and Warp sub-label Arcola and he has presented work at numerous arts festivals internationally. www.riantreanor.com

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