Forrest Bess - Camden Art Centre

Forrest Bess (b.1911-1977, Bay City, Texas) was a visionary American painter who produced an extraordinary body of work between the 1940s and 1970s.

Living in a shack on the bay of the Gulf in Chinquapin, Texas, and making a living as a bait fisherman, Bess painted the dreams and visions which he experienced throughout his life. Working on a small scale, with modest materials, his paintings developed a highly personal and often cryptic symbolist language, which also drew on his extensive research into various mythological, spiritual and alchemical traditions, as well as his own experiences and research into queer and non-normative gender identities.  The exhibition will bring together more than 40 of these visionary works, alongside letters, working drawings and previously unseen archival material.


Image: Forrest Bess, Untitled (Rainbow with Arc), n.d. Collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody.
Photo: Robert Glowacki. Courtesy of Modern Art, London