High Performance - Camden Art Centre

Central to this installation were photographs enlarged from polaroids, which depicted blind ‘musicians’ busking on the streets of Hong Kong.

The work investigated ideas of performance and posing, ritual and reality, drawing comparisons between the activity of the blind buskers and the role of the artist. It posits the question of whether the buskers are truly unable to see and are forced to make their living on the streets, or whether their pavement set-up might actually be an act of habit, a performance to an unseen audience. The artist, through the act of photographing them, becomes part of the Buskers’ private mise en scene.


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The Artist

Hiram To was Born in Hong Kong in 1964. He studies in Aberdeen, Scotland and since 1986 has lived in Brisbane, Australia where his work is becoming widely known. High Performance is a new work which was especially commissioned by Sunil Gupta for OVA/INIVA.