Hum Murmur Mutter - Camden Art Centre

A collection of experimental texts by participants of a five-week experimental writing course at Camden Art Centre during November-December 2022 led by writer, Fiona Glen.

How can a text speak? What are weight, texture, tone, flow, shape, direction, and resonance in writing? And how can written language – seemingly static, two-dimensional and disembodied – relate to movement, physicality and embodiment?

Hum, murmur, mutter explored experimention with secrecy and performance, concealment and revelation – soaring fabulation, whispered confessions and urgent declarations. Testing out many voices and connecting with embodied modes of writing, the aim of the course was to surprise attendees: to write into the unknown, so that they could encounter their writing from a new angle.

The course culminated in a publication of a zine, Hum, Murmur, Mutter. 

This collaboratively edited e-zine brings together texts and visual materials from participants on the experimental writing course HUM MURMUR MUTTER, which I ran from November to December 2022 at Camden Art Centre. Over five Sunday sessions, we explored the connections between voice, body and text. Starting with inner voices and mutters, we moved outwards to confessions and addresses, to songs and shouts, to choruses and cacophonies. We pushed the voices we could write into new places and modes – by turns sharper and softer, lighter and weightier, bolder and subtler.

What does it mean for a text to speak? How do we listen as we read, sensing the weight, texture, tone, and flow of a piece? And how can we shape our own writing to call readers into new ways of listening?

Fiona Glen, March 2023