JOAN Publishing: Book Launch - Camden Art Centre

Join us for the launch of two new titles from JOAN Publishing.

Dance Across the Carpeted Floor, Please, and Wait With Your Friends and Do Your Best to Stay There, form part of a series of publications by JOAN exploring experimental approaches to practice writing and writing practices by art researchers at Kingston School of Art, Kingston University.

Contributors: Alice Gale-Feeny, JJ Chan, John Hughes, Holly Antrum, Mireille Fauchon, Mónica Rivas Velásquez, Rachel Cattle, Keira Greene, Frances Drayson, Eiko Soga, Christian Newby, Jenna Collins, Gareth Jones, Simon Josebury, Fay Nicolson.

There will be short readings in the bookshop, the bar will be open, and New Contemporaries will be on in the galleries.

The publishing project of London-based artists Rachel Cattle and John Hughes, JOAN is an independent publisher of contemporary interdisciplinary writing, supporting feminist, queer, and idiosyncratic voices, and innovative fictions.