Kim Lim - Camden Art Centre

Kim Lim (1936-1997) worked in wood, steel, aluminium, bronze, fibreglass, plastic and paper, but is perhaps best known for her later meditative stone carvings evoking natural forms and rhythms.

Although Lim’s work displays an affinity with minimalism, her concerns are always more with the pulse and vibrancy of organic growth and the movement and reflection of light on water. This exhibition bought together 28 works in marble, granite, slate and Portland Stone from 1980s and 90s, including two pieces Lim worked on specifically for this exhibition. The building’s naturally-lit galleries emphasised the play of light and shadow created by the deeply incised sufaces of the works. A selection of prints showed the connections between Lim’s works on paper and the stone works.


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“I have always been more concerned with space, rhythm and light… than with volume and weight”

- Kim Lim

The Artist

Kim Lim was born in Singapore in 1936 and moved to London in the 1950s where she studied at St Martin’s and the Slade. On journeys back to Singapore she stopped off in Europe, India and the Far East, developing an admiration for archaic art: the elemental qualities of Cycladic sculpture; the flow and rhythm of Indian and South East Asian sculpture, the formal simplicity of Chinese Bronzes and pottery. Lim exhibited widely from the 1960s onwards. From 1980, she turned to stone-carving, whilst continuing to make prints and fill sketchbooks with drawings from nature.