Li Yuan-chia - Camden Art Centre

A comprehensive survey of the work of Li Yuan-chia, drawing together different strands of his practice, from early drawings and paintings through to installations, sculptural reliefs, photographs and films.

Curated by Guy Brett, the exhibition demonstrated Li’s interest in engaging with the viewer in a physical or performative way. His work embraced the ordinary and everyday whilst offering a glimpse into the cosmic and universal. The exhibition also profiled his LYC Museum and Art Gallery, which he built in Cumbria, where he supported many artists through mounting exhibitions and publishing artists’ books.

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The Artist

Li Yuan-chia was born in China, and studied in Taiwan. He is considered to be one of the founders of Chinese abstract painting. Travelling from Taiwan via Italy in the 1960s, he arrived in London to exhibit at David Medalla’s and Paul Keeler’s gallery Signals, and later at the Lisson Gallery. He left London in 1968 and moved to Cumbria, where he single-handedly established the LYC Museum and Art Gallery and spent the remainder of his life.