Memory Island; a Pre-Renaissance virtual environment - Camden Art Centre

This exhibition is an invitation to Memory Island, a unique virtual world where people could share the remarkable life stories and perceptions of space and time of a group of young adults with disabilities.

Trained physiotherapist and artist Jennie Pedley worked with the group to create their three-dimensional, computer based scenes which they developed together through drawings. She sited these within a utopian landscape influenced by the pre-Renaissance architecture and storytelling found in the paintings of Giotto.

From harrowing recollections of medical treatments to the liberating experience of wheelchair abseiling, Memory Island offered a chance to journey a world of personal narratives, perceptions of self and processes of representation.

A print and cd-rom publication, Memory Island, was produced to accompany the exhibition

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The Artists

Featuring life stories and drawings by Victor Antoniades, Ilana Blumenfeld, Charlotte Wynne, Nicola Yates, Edna Obeng and David Slate